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Tricycle Tyres


Tricycle tyres are tyres specially used for three-wheeled motorcycles, tuk-tuk. Three-wheeler tires have some unique designs and features compared to traditional two-wheeler tires.

First, tricycle tires typically have wider treads and larger contact patches to provide better stability and grip. This is because three-wheeled motorcycles have greater body weight and lateral forces, requiring better control and balance when cornering.

Secondly, tricycle tires may also differ in tread pattern and sidewall structure to accommodate different road and climate conditions. For example, some three-wheel motorcycle tires may have deeper treads and harder sidewalls, making them suitable for a variety of road conditions and harder ground.

Finally, the size and specifications of tricycle tires will also vary between different models and manufacturers. Vehicle owners should choose the appropriate tire size and type based on the vehicle’s requirements and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Generally speaking, three-wheeled motorcycle tires are special tires designed and manufactured according to the needs and performance requirements of the vehicle model to provide better stability, grip and handling performance.

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