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Tricycle Motorcycle Tyre HY861

Tricycle Motorcycle Tyre HY861

Classic tread pattern commonly found on truck and bus tires.
Can be used on tricycles,tuk-tuks and scooters.



PATTERN TIRE SIZE TT/TL Inflated Pressure (kpa/p.s.l) Max.Load (kg)
HY861 400-8 TT 260/40 240

The classic tread pattern commonly found on truck and bus tires is a versatile design that can also be used on tricycles, tuk-tuks, and scooters. This tread pattern typically consists of large, sturdy blocks that provide excellent traction and stability on various surfaces.

One common application of this tread pattern is on the front wheels, where rib patterns are utilized. These rib patterns are specifically designed to facilitate easy steering, offering improved control and maneuverability.

In terms of performance, the longitudinal pattern, often featured in this tread design, has the advantage of lower resistance. This results in better fuel economy, making these tires more efficient and cost-effective for long-distance travel.

Another noteworthy feature of this tread pattern is the presence of four grooves. These grooves play a crucial role in enhancing drainage capabilities, efficiently dispersing water and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. The improved drainage promotes safer driving conditions, particularly in wet or rainy weather.

Overall, this classic tread pattern is a reliable choice for a variety of vehicles, offering a combination of stability, steering ease, fuel efficiency, and enhanced water drainage.


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