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Street Motorcycle Tyre HY847

Street Motorcycle Tyre HY847

  • Special compound designed to provide stability and optimal grip.
  • Outstanding grip on the road due to an unique, triangular pattern profile.
  • Enhanced riding performance and durability.

Traditional tire that offers cutting edge performance and durability for lightweight and classic motorcycles.


Street Motorcycle Tyre


PATTERN TIRE SIZE TT/TL Inflated Pressure (kpa/p.s.l) Max.Load (kg)
HY849 300-17 TT 280/41 175/389

Our tires are meticulously designed to offer a safe and dynamic choice for a comfortable ride on paved roads. We have incorporated central grooves into the tread pattern to provide excellent feedback and enhance wet performance. This ensures that you can feel confident and in control, even in challenging weather conditions.

The classic design tread pattern, combined with a low section profile and stiff carcass, ensures optimal performance and stability. Whether you’re cruising on a straight road or navigating tight corners, our tires will provide the precise handling and responsiveness you need.

We understand that longevity is important to our customers, which is why our tires have a versatile tread pattern designed to provide optimal grip while also offering a longer service life. You can enjoy the best of both worlds – exceptional traction and durability.

Upgrade your ride today with our high-quality and versatile tires. Experience the comfort, safety, and performance that our tires offer on every journey. Trust our tire technology to deliver a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

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