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Street Motorcycle Tyre HY835

Street Motorcycle Tyre

Adventure Trail.

Dual purpose street and trail design.

Designed to be equally at home on dirt and pavement.

Rubber compound offers excellent durability for long tread life.



PATTERN TIRE SIZE TT/TL Inflated Pressure (kpa/p.s.l) Max.Load (kg)
HY835 300-17 TT 225/33 165/364
HY835 300-18 TT/TL 225/33 175/365

Advantages of Street Motorcycle Tires

Street motorcycle tires are specifically designed for riding on paved roads and offer numerous advantages for riders.

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1. Excellent Grip: Street motorcycle tires are designed to provide exceptional grip on paved surfaces. This ensures optimal traction during acceleration, cornering, and braking maneuvers, giving riders the confidence to navigate through various road conditions safely.

2. Enhanced Stability: Stability is crucial when riding on streets, and street motorcycle tires offer great stability at high speeds. Their construction and tread patterns help maintain a steady ride, even on uneven or bumpy roads. This stability allows riders to have precise control over their motorcycles, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

3. Smooth and Comfortable Ride: Street motorcycle tires are designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on paved roads. They are engineered to absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing rider fatigue and ensuring a pleasant experience even during long-distance rides. This comfort factor allows riders to enjoy extended periods of riding without discomfort or numbness.

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