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Motocross Tires HY821

Motocross Tires HY821

Reasonable spacing will not easily retain sediment.
Extra thick patterns are more wear-resistant.

Reinforced Construction With its reinforced carcass structure, the standard version provides its durability under high-speed and challenging track conditions.


Motocross Tires HY821


PATTERN TIRE SIZE TT/TL Inflated Pressure (kpa/p.s.l) Max.Load (kg)
HY821 275-18 TT 225/33 180
HY821 300-18 TT 280/41 200
  1. Traction: Off-road tires are specifically designed to provide excellent traction on various terrains such as dirt, mud, gravel, and sand. The deep, aggressive tread patterns and wide grooves allow the tire to grip the ground effectively, ensuring better control and stability.
  2. Durability: Off-road tires are built with tough, reinforced sidewalls and strong construction to withstand the demands of off-road riding. They can handle rough terrains, sharp rocks, and other obstacles without getting easily punctured or damaged.
  3. Self-cleaning capability: The wide grooves and aggressive tread patterns of off-road tires help in self-cleaning. They prevent mud, dirt, and other debris from getting stuck in the tire, ensuring consistent traction and performance even in muddy or wet conditions.
  4. Stability and control: Off-road tires are designed to offer stability and control on uneven and challenging terrains. The large knobs and tread blocks provide better grip and prevent the tire from slipping or sliding, enhancing the rider’s control over the motorcycle.
  5. Versatility: Off-road tires are versatile and can be used in various off-road riding conditions, including motocross, trail riding, enduro, and adventure riding. They are designed to handle a wide range of surfaces and provide optimal performance in different off-road environments.
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