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Popularizing knowledge about motorcycle tire specifications to make you a tire expert

With the growing popularity of the motorcycle market, an increasing number of consumers are choosing motorcycles as their mode of transportation. However, for many beginners, choosing the right tire specifications can be a challenge. Today, we will popularize some knowledge about motorcycle tire specifications to help you become a tire expert.

  1. Meaning of tire specification “b-d”

In motorcycle tire specifications, “b-d” represents the tire’s section width and inner diameter. Here, “b” stands for the tire’s section width, and “d” represents the tire’s inner diameter, also known as the rim diameter. Both values are measured in inches, so when purchasing tires, consumers need to confirm the specifications applicable to their motorcycle model.

  1. Tire inflation pressure

The inflation pressure of motorcycle tires is also one of the factors to consider when choosing tires. Generally, the inflation pressure for motorcycle tires ranges between 147 kPa to 343 kPa. The applicable inflation pressure may vary for different motorcycle models, so consumers need to confirm the inflation pressure suitable for their specific motorcycle model when purchasing tires.

  1. Functions of tires

Motorcycle tires are the components that directly contact the road surface. They bear the weight of the motorcycle, as well as play a crucial role in steering and braking. Therefore, choosing the right tires is of utmost importance for motorcycle safety.

  1. How to choose the right tires
  • Select based on the motorcycle model: Different motorcycle models may have different tire specifications and inflation pressure requirements. Therefore, consumers need to confirm the specifications and inflation pressure suitable for their specific motorcycle model when purchasing tires.
  • Consider the road conditions: If you frequently ride on bumpy roads, you can choose tires with good impact resistance. If you ride on mostly smooth roads, tires with good comfort may be more suitable for you.
  • Consider your budget: Prices may vary for tires of different brands and specifications. Consumers can choose tires that fit their budget.

In conclusion, choosing the right motorcycle tires is crucial for safe riding. By understanding the meaning of tire specification “b-d,” inflation pressure, and how to select the right tires, you will become a tire expert. When purchasing tires, make sure to consider your motorcycle model, road conditions, and budget to ensure safety and comfort while riding.


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