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Little knowledge about motorcycle tires

Tire structure: Motorcycle tires mainly have two basic structures: bias tires and radial tires. Bias structure tires have a rounder profile and higher sidewalls and are usually used on cruise motorcycles to meet the needs of suspension and cornering performance. The radial structure tire has a flatter profile and shorter sidewalls, making it more suitable for cruise motorcycles that need to carry larger weights.

Tire type:

Hot melt tires: including full hot melt and semi hot melt. Full thermal melt tires are commonly used on intense racetracks. The friction between the tire and the ground generates high temperatures to melt the tire, thereby enhancing grip. However, the disadvantage is that it is easy to consume, and after softening, it easily absorbs sharp objects such as sand and gravel. Semi-hot-melt tires combine the advantages of ordinary tires and hot-melt tires, which can not only provide good grip when the temperature rises, but also maintain enough hardness to prevent debris on the road from penetrating.

Road tires (sliding tires): suitable for urban paved roads and suitable for commuters.

Rain tires and sunny tires: Tires designed for different weather conditions. Rain tires have dense tread that helps shed water and maintain grip on rainy days; sunny tires have relatively few treads and are suitable for dry roads.

Tire Selection: When choosing motorcycle tires, consider factors such as price, comfort, noise, grip, wear resistance, size and speed rating. For urban roads and general highways, it is recommended to choose tires with good quietness and soft texture. Grippy tires are safer on slippery or dry roads. For vehicles that often drive on harsh road conditions, tires with strong wear resistance are more economical.

Tire maintenance: To extend the life and performance of motorcycle tires, regular maintenance is required. This includes maintaining appropriate air pressure, regularly checking the tire surface for abnormalities, avoiding overloading, keeping it clean, and avoiding high-speed driving and sharp turns. When your motorcycle is not in use for an extended period of time, the tires should be inflated to the proper pressure and stored out of direct sunlight and moisture.

The above are some little knowledge about motorcycle tires, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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